creating my film poster day #1

After much deliberation and experimenting on Photoshop I decided to go against using the landscape test photo.


I opted for this photo instead, this was mostly due to the fact that the background in the first photo was simply too ‘busy’ and I feel that it it would turn out to be a rather amateur looking film poster.


So, I have begun the editing process on Photoshop. I was slightly concerned about this as Photoshop is not my strongest skill in media, I knew that it would take alot of time for me to get the hang of it.

Firstly, I cropped the top of my photo off. This was because I felt it was too bright and my audience would not be able to see white font over the top of it, plus I wanted the audience to see a really dark, dingy looking alleyway. As this photo was taken in the middle of the day, this unwanted light was obviously unavoidable.

Next, I darkened my background image using the ‘Burn’ tool. To make it appear exceptionally dark and abandoned, plus, it would make the McDonald’s cup and cigarette stand out even more. Below you can see the difference it makes with the ‘burn’ tool, I feel there is now a more defined ‘look’ to the poster.


Now that my photo looked as dark as I wanted it to be, I then used the ‘blur’ tool to blur out any unwanted background ‘clutter’, in order to allow my overlaying text to be more vibrant on the page, I think it gives it a more professional feel.


Now that my background image was sorted, I was ready to add the text over the top. I ensured it was the same font as the title I used in my actual short film – for aspects of continuity and so my audience can relate the two together and straight away know that these media texts are linked. I am still experimenting with Photoshop at the minute, I am currently attempting to get a more 3D effect on my film poster test, as I feel it looks slightly dull at the moment.

phogiohr Picture 31

Here is what I have so far. I’m very pleased with the layout so far and the billing block especially. I moved the actor’s names around so they are now above the title, so I have lots of room underneath for a tagline and small quotes of reviews/star ratings.

Picture 44

The billing block:


For my billing block, I researched what would typically be on there and the results I got were: the production companies, director, producer, the actors/actresses, screenplay, costume designer, make up and edited by etc.

For the font I downloaded a font from called ‘Movie Letters’ which already looks very similar to the fonts usually used for a billing block (if they were in capitals.)

movie letters


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