changes to film review

I have finally finished my film review, writing about yourself in the third person proved to be an extremely difficult task. Whilst I was writing I realised that I had included more criticism than praise for my short film, which I figured would be inevitable because I am writing about my self and I’m evidently going to have some criticisms for my own work. I origanlly gave my film four stars in the ‘verdict’ box at the bottom, but then I realised that I was probably writing too harshly to then give it a high rating, so I lowered the verdict to three stars and included a slight bit of criticism. I ensured that the quote “a witty short film” was the one I used on my film poster from Empire magazine.

Picture 52

I also ensured to add in a small quip caption over the photo, as I understand that is a very conventional aspect of Empire’s persona as a magazine. I had a few witty comments in mind, mostly to do with the continous loitering the chav’s do, since it is such a common thing for a teenager to do. So I ended up going with “Surely all that loitering must get tedious boys. No? As you were then.”

Picture 51

I wanted to make sure my review was rather informal to adhere to Empire’s general informality and typical conventions, I wanted to make it somewhat witty and very ‘easy-reading’ for perhaps a younger target audience. The image below shows the ending to my review, I aimed to keep it very light and comical.

Picture 50nhhh

One large concern that I have for my review is some name confusion people may have . My brother starred as the alpha-male chav and read the script for me, obviously we have the same last name so ‘Proctor’ may refer to me but may also refer to my brother, I tried to make it clear so I mentioned the acting/voiceover/directorial skills soon afterwards to try and differenciate. I didn’t want to continously say ‘Tom Proctor’ or ‘Lucy Proctor’ as it wouldn’t really be conventional for magazines (especially Empire) to constantly state the full name, they usually just refer to them by their last name or by a nickname, it all ties in with the informality.

After making these changes I copy and pasted the entire review into Microsoft Word to ensure there were no spelling or grammatical errors which was so beneficial because InDesign doesn’t incorporate spell check into their programme, so just a simple spelling mistake could have gone completely unnoticed for me.


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