finished film review

Picture 50

I am really pleased with how my review has turned out, espcially the fonts and the colour scheme. Luckily, because I used InDesign, all four columns kept equally in line, which ultimately makes it look more professional. If I were to have used Photoshop instead, I have a feeling it would have turned out alot worse.


finished film poster

Picture 48

Here is my (more or less) finished  poster. I have added in a tagline, small reviews and a ‘Virgin Media Short‘ logo. I am relatively pleased with it and the simplicity of it. However, I feel like I need to gather some audience/teacher feedback to see what they think. I shall print it out and simply ask my peers what they think the film is about/what they think of the poster in general.

I am considering moving the date down to the bottom left hand corner instead of having it on top of the billing card. Purely to make it symmetrical and perhaps make it look slightly neater, this shall be a question I ask in my audience feedback.

For the quote from ‘Empire’ I have ensured it is a quote taken from the review – to make sure they all tie in together.

final edit

Working with what I already had, I personally feel I have made my final edit miles better than my first edit. I think it looks more polished, plus, it was so beneficial getting rid of some of the more ‘dull’ parts of the script. My short is now the suggested length of 5 minutes and it flows better with the visuals.