additional film poster design (#4)

This is another film poster design I have recently thought about, as I have been thinking of adhereing to documentary conventions. I think this design is far more conventional to the genre I am aiming for.

It would be a simple low angle shot of an abandoned street (preferably the street I will be filming on.) Luckily my workplace is situated near a street I have in mind for this image. In the foreground of the shot I would have a Mcdonald’s plastic cup with drink spilling out and a burnt out cigarette, mimicking the chav’s ‘natural habitat.’


As this could be seen as a plain and an irrelevant image for a poster however I think the Mcdonald’s plastic cup and cigarette in the foreground of the frame could automatically link to the teenage generation and the subjects I will cover in my short film. Hoepfully it will be seen as humourous to the audience, as they can instantly relate to perhaps where a teenager’s ‘natural habitat’ could be. Also, this would be extremely relevant to my chosen documentary ‘spoof’ genre, as it is the sort of image that could be used for a documentary, it would be conventional as the focus would be on the surrounding envionment rather than my characters in the short film. The comedic element to the poster – suggesting it is a mockumentary, would be the littered items in the foreground.

I think this could be a potentially successful design, as it can be easily shot. To make sure it is seen as ‘deserted’ (it doesn’t really matter if there’s one or two people seen in the background) I can simply get there at an earlier time to take the photo. WIth this design, I also do not have to worry about having a white or amateur looking background, as I can overlay the title, tagline and actors names over the top of my image.


I feel like this will be the design that I go for as I have the most justification behind doing so, I feel it is the most conventional to the genre and will look the most professional in comparison with my other design ideas.


planning the film review layout

I have planned two potential film review layouts. I am planning to have the review to feature in Empire magazine as that would be the most appropriate to reach my target audience. As magazines such as Sight and Sound would be for a older, perhaps more niche audience as it is typically written in a rather formal style. There are also many magazine reviews in typical female magazines such as Heat and Fabulous, and also more manly magazines such as Nuts magazine, however I feel these wouldn’t reach my teenage target audience either. So I felt utilising Empire was the best route for my film review.

Here are the two designs I have planned, there are very similar to one another however I am unfortunately torn between the two.

1st Layout:

I would say this style is very conventional and would be a typical and popular layout for a film review. The top third of the page would be a screenshot I would take on set of filming, perhaps showing the midst of the conflict between the goth and the chav. Layered over the top of the image in the bottom left corner I would have the title of my film in a sans serif, bold, white font. Underneath the title I would have a small tagline, with a possible play on words – adhering to typical film review conventions. It would be something similar to  “an interesting take on today’s teens…”


This design is extremely conventional to the Empire layout, which isn’t necessarily a bad aspect, however I do not wish to make it too similar to the actual design. I am keen to use this kind of design as there is a large image to draw people in, with quick facts about the film, a detailed review and a verdict. I personally think anything too formal and complicated would simply not appeal to a teenage target audience. 

Another conventional feature of an Empire film review article would be to have a quirky, witty tagline after the film title, it wouldn’t be the same as the actual film tagline, it would just be an additional witty comment to again, draw a younger, more informal audience into the article.

2nd Layout:


Arguably this one is extremely similar, the only thing I have changed is the movement of the ‘fact’ box slightly upwards, cutting into the main image slightly. Due to this there is more space for the review and for the verdict at the end. I like the fact that it’s different but I need to be wary of the following cautions:

  1. I don’t want to cut out a significant part of the lead image, like part of someone’s body or a relevant part of the background.
  2. If the background for this ‘fact box’ is going to be a light colour, I really want to avoid it looking rather amateurish, as if I have simply cut out part of the image with a white box. I would need to spend time to ensure it looked more professional.


Displayed in the image above is a closer look at what I want to change in this layout. Another concern is the placement of my title, as it will cover up a lot more of my image, leaving me with no option but to have limited space for the characters in the frame (they would need to be towards the right hand side of the frame.) I also do not wish to have a smaller second image in the midst of my text like some reviews, as I feel that my image will already take up about a third of the page and it may make my layout appear quite messy.

from the first to final edit…

After receiving peer and teacher feedback I have thought about what I am going to change in my first edit to produce my final edit of my animatic before filming.

Here are the changes:

  1. cut down my script (from the introduction and any extra parts that can be shortened)
  2. add text on screen – latin names/favourite sayings/recognised by… – to allude to documentary conventions
  3. add subtle music in the background, as long as it not overpowering
  4. re-revise the script in order to get the visuals to match the dialogue successfully

first edit of animatic – teacher feedback

Having recently discussed my first edit of my animatic with my teacher I have discovered I need to ensure there are enough documentary conventions within my short film, otherwise it simply couldn’t be a parody of one. Having looked into this we discussed possibly having latin names on screen for the ‘chav’ and ‘goth.’ This can add to the comedic element and also ensure there are aspects of a documentary in there. I will have to make sure the text on screen is different from the script, perhaps by adding something like latin name (with a pronounciation), ‘recognised by…’ and favourite sayings. Hopefully this will be relatable for my target audience and they will find it humourous. I do not wish to have too much text on screen with a script and visuals to focus on as well, as I feel that will be too much for my audience to cope with at once and they may not know where to look or what to listen to.

We also discussed that I simply need to cut down my script, perhaps from the introduction, as I could just have a small intro and then go straight into the teenagers.

production schedule and risk assessment

Picture 13

I have completed my production schedule and risk assessment. I am confident I have left enough time to film everything and if not it should not be a problem returning and repeating the same shots. On big filming days such as Monday 28th October I have chosen to start at 09:30am to ensure I have more than enough time to film everything I desire, also because it will be far less busy in town and less people that I could possibly irritate or bother during my filming process. I have chosen not to film on Wednesdays and Saturdays due to part time jobs and the fact that they are market days and the centre of town would be incredibly busy.

We are in a period of ever-changing weather where I live, especially as one day there can be heavy rain, compared to sun the next day. If I do need to re-film shots I am not happy with I need to ensure that the weather is vaguely similar to the shot I am replacing, as it will break continuity rules and will look obvious that I have re-filmed.

planning my film poster (#3)

This is my third possible film poster design, which was inspired from a previous poster I analysed – She’s Out Of My League.

shes out of my league


Again, I am struggling to think of what to have as the background image for this poster, however the She’s Out Of My League film poster design simply had a white background – which worked well and I personally do not think it looked boring at all.

With this design, I am unsure of the placement of the tagline and actor’s names, purely because I am hoping for the tagline and title to flow together, and if they are separated on the poster it will not. I am still undecided on a final tagline, however I am hoping to incorporate something similar to “teenagers as you’ve never seen them before.”


planning my film poster (#2)

I also think this design has the potential to be a good poster.


However, I am unsure of the positioning of the actor’s names and the title. I would definitely make the title alot bigger with the tagline still underneath and rearrange the actor’s names. Other than this I am happy with the framing, especially with my actors positioning and the placement of my billing card and reviews.


I need to think about what background I will have, I could either take it during the filming stage or utilise a studio with a white background. The trouble is, if I took it in a town setting, what could be in the background? And I also think it would appear slightly messy and rushed. However, if I use a white background will it be too plain and boring? Plus I would have to edit the positioning of the goth character, as I am unsure if the studio and the white background is large enough to have her as a long shot in the background.


planning my film poster (#1)

I have designed a simple pencil draft of a potential film poster I could use.


This is probably my favourite design, as it truly plays on the ‘Planet Earth’ spoof. I would hopefully like to go with this design, however I would need to be extremely talented at programmes such as PhotoShop to make this poster appear realistic, which unfortunately I am not.


Looking at posters like this one, I may reconsider putting my title in lower case letters to make it more conventional to this particular documentary.

I feel that the positioning of things like the title around the Earth, the actors names, the billing card, tagline and possible reviews, as they are not too close together. I want my title to be the biggest and first thing the audience sees on the poster, as in actual posters, they would possibly have the director’s or actor’s names slightly bigger as a unique selling point. As this is not the case for me I would like the actor’s names to be significanlty small than the title itself.

Although I do really like this design, I need to think about how I am going to make it appear realistic and perhaps research into the capabilites of actually successfully producing this design for my film poster.


first edit of animatic – peer assessment

Today we peer assessed our first edit of our animatics, which was a really helpful stage as I received lots of comments plus some constructive criticism and targets for the final edit of my animatic. I received comments on the following sections: cinematography, appropriate pace and content, character representations, targeting the audience, dialogue, music/sound effects, editing and any additional focuses we want feedback on. My additional focuses were the script and what kind of music to add in for the final edit, as I want to have at least some music in the background, I also know that I need to cut down my script a substantial amount, as when I originally put the script I recorded into iMovie with the visuals, it was over 7 minutes and 40 seconds.



  • good use of shots (especially when you can see the emotion matching what the narrator has said
  • easy to distinguish between the different subcultures through the different shot types
  • clear mix of shots and angles


  • as for the ‘panning shot of town’ at the beginning – I need to think carefully about where it is and the significance it will have in my short film
  • ensuring I do use a range of different shots and angles

Appropriate pace and content?


  • the pace of the dialogue works well – suits the genre and the typically speed a documentary narrator would typically talk at


  • pace is good, however the start could be made slightly shorter to cut down time
  • definitely need to re-revise the script in order to get the visuals to match the dialogue successfully

Character representations


  • “the character representations you can see that you have researched them well for what the different sub-cultures do stereotypically”
  • “the narrator is funny, it makes the film”


  • if I do change my script – ensure it does not offend too much, otherwise it is fine how it is

Targeting the audience


  • “you have suited your short film to your target audience very well because they can relate to what they see and hear”
  • “the vocabulary is complex, the right audience will understand it”



  • the voice over works really well and it definitely suits the mockumentary genre. The use of sophisticated language also helps with the David Attenborough style narration
  • “script is very good, it is the best bit”


  • ned to make sure that the dialogue flows well. Also that the dialogue is at the same volume because you can tell in the animatic when the narrator is further away from the microphone
  • need to shorten the script

Music/sound effects


  • “I’m not sure whether it would work but maybe you could consider a small amount of music at the start, end or both. I would suggest maybe watching some documentaries to see what they would do”
  • “I don’t think you need any, but if you are going to add some make it minimal



  • the use of quick cuts works well for the type of shots
  • clear cuts made, basic editing which is conventional to the genre


  • maybe include some more continuity techniques

Additional focus 1: script


  • “I would recommend looking over the start (the first 30 seconds) because it is here that the shots do not tend to match the dialogue”

 Additional focus 2: title


  • I think the best thing to do is to also come up with some other ideas and suggest them to your target audience, perhaps in a poll”
  • “is it too similar to the actual programme?”